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 Here is a basic list of prices and packages. If you have any questions, please contact me. Because I have a limited wedding portfolio, I cannot yet command the prices of a premier wedding photographer. Hopefully you have looked through some of my other images and know that you are getting a great bargain, as you help me to add to my portfolio.

Your images will be available for online viewing and purchase within two weeks of the wedding or sooner.


Package 1: $1500 - The Premier

Engagement Photos – One 16 x 20 print included
Bridal portraits – One 16x20 print included
Pictures of the entire wedding (~8hrs)
Digital negatives of every picture (probably somewhere around 500)
*20 Master Prints (processed and edited prints)
Wedding Album – 250-300 4x6s
$200 Credit for prints

Package 2: $1000 - The Just Right

Engagement Photos – One 16x20 included
Wedding Day Photos (~6hrs)
Digital Negatives
Wedding Album – 200 4x6s
*10 Master Prints
$100 Credit for prints

Package 3: $750 - The Bare Bones

Wedding Day photos (~4hrs)
Digital Negatives
Wedding Album – 150 4x6s
*5 Master Prints


Prints and Extras:

4x6s w/wo white borders                                       $5
5x7s w/wo white borders                                       $10
8x10                                                                         $25
11x14                                                                       $40
16x20                                                                       $60
DVD slideshow                                                       $100 for 2, $10 each for every additional
(set to music with 50-60 images) 
7x7 hardcover book                                               $100 for 1, $50 for every subsequent
(with 30-50 images of your choice)
Custom Thank You Cards (set of 25)                  $50 (envelopes included)

Canvas Prices:

Stretched: mounted on a stretcher board and comes with a UV coating, ready to hang without          needing to buy a frame.

11x14:                                                                     $125
16x20:                                                                     $175
20x30:                                                                     $225
24x36:                                                                     $325

Unstretched: unique canvas texture that can be displayed in a traditional frame.

11x14:                                                                     $75
16x20:                                                                    $125
20x30:                                                                    $175
24x36:                                                                    $225



Add Ons:

*Additional Master Prints                                       $100
Engagement Photos (One 16x20 Print Included)     $200
Bridal Portraits (One 16x20 Print Included)            $200   

I also have standing accounts with Zookbinders and AsukaBook, top-quality choices for custom album binding. These beautiful wedding albums are custom made and bound, designed and layed out individually. I highly reccomend checking out their websites, and talking with me about designing your own one-of-a-kind wedding album.



*Master prints are what I call extensively edited images. All of the images will be exposure and color corrected, but a select few, at your choosing, will be heavily processed to obtain a desired effect.


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