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Welcome to my site. I hope that within it you find images both beautiful and inspiring. I have spent many years trying to capture people and countries and events around the world and around the country, and I hope that my passion and dedication bleeds through onto the images you see.

As I spend more time with my camera and computer, I feel like I am slowly improving and individualizing as a photographer. The first time most of us take pictures, the shots are forgettable. Over time, these images start to improve, usually by borrowing elements from photography we have seen and liked. Not unlike science, photographers start by understanding what is already known and seen, and then expound on that into their own unique area. I feel I might have finally reached an area where all of my shots aren't merely copies of images I have seen before. Sure, plenty of them are still familiar, but every now and then I get one that surprises me and helps me understand why I got into photography in the first place.

As I grew as a photographer, I began to diversify into areas I had never intended. I have started shooting weddings and portraits, and I have started doing custom product photography. While very different than travel or nature photography, there is still a unifying vision to my work. I strive to keep things simple and poignant whenever possible, whether I am taking a picture of a bride or a wooden ball. This unity helps me to maintain my original passion for photography, while I take steps I never imagined taking.

This site is populated with images from throughout my photography fledging. There are plenty of images that you have seen before: Yosemite Valley, The Golden Gate bridge, Hawk's Bill Crag, the Taj Mahal. It is my aim to offer more than that, however. I hope my later images express more of my individual vision and surprise you. So go ahead, browse around, see if you can differentiate the timeline of my photographic development, see if anything surprises or delights you, and be sure and tell me about it.




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