Photography has so many applications, and I am always trying to do something new and exciting. I recently taught a science enrichment course for underprivileged youth here in Little Rock. On the first day of the course the department gave them digital cameras to document their experience and I gave a brief photography lesson. At the end of the course, I helped to design a book for the program, incorporating the children's photography.

Also, I have been working with Hunger Free Arkansas to document the homeless in Little Rock.

I have also teamed with professional photographer Glenn Wheeler on a new website aptly entitled Photo Road Glenn and I travel around the country, photographing events and areas on road trips that are easily retraced. We film podcasts on location to be published and available for free download that address common photography issues. We also web blog during our journeys providing an insightful and often humorous look into photo road trips.

For some time now, my father and I have been talking about doing a book about handmade homes in Arkansas. My father built the log cabin that I grew up in, and many residents of the area did the same. In the age of trailer houses and prefab housing, it is refreshing to see a house built of wood with two hands (even if the roof leaks and doors stick). This past summer my father and I spent time photographing several houses for the book, intending to do more when we both have time. This promises to be a long project, but well worth it.

I have also been asked to speak at several photography clubs in the area, and have designed a slideshow presentation for that purpose. See the links below to a couple of the slideshows I have put together, one from my international travels (that comes as a free DVD with purchase of my "504 Days on Earth" book, and one from nearer to home. 504 is almost 15 minutes long, so it may take a while to load, the Arkansas slideshow, however, is only about 3 minutes long.


Portraits of Arkansas

504 Days on Earth


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