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People from other countries often whine about the lack of international travel among citizens of this country. Although I agree that traveling might make us a little more understanding and tolerant as a culture, I can see the inner reasonings for this dearth of experience. Perhaps the number one reason is the country itself. I can hardly think of a more diverse natural landscape than the one that we live among here in the United States. We have snowy peaks, deserts, beaches, glaciers, volcanoes, grizzly bears, gila monsters, condors, dolphins, the tallest trees, the largest parks. Naturally, we may be the envy of the world. Socially and politically, that maybe a different story. I’m not saying don’t travel, I am saying get out there, go to these beautifully unique places we have in our own country, you have no excuse.

Because I grew up in the Ozark mountains of Arkansas, you will find many pictures of the area, as well as a few from my time in California. I spent a great deal of time trekking back and forth between those few places, stopping at some of our wonderful National Parks.

Recently, my photography has become more focused. Because of my relationship with professional photographer Glenn Wheeler (whose silhouette appears often in my portfolio), my photography has improved immensely. I am demanding more of myself, and I think it is beginning to show. Most of the pictures now in this section were taken digitally in the past few years, as I travelled with Glenn, learning more about what it takes to make great pictures.










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