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  On January 5th, 2008, Kent and Dina Vinson were married at the Levy Baptist Church in North Little Rock. Now the images from their beautiful day are posted for all to see. This was my first wedding, and I want to thank the Bride and Groom for being gracious, photogenic and having the faith to let me shoot their wedding. The images turned out great, and I hope that you will agree.

The online shopping cart for Kent and Dina's Wedding pictures has expired, but fear not, they can still be viewed and ordered. For simplicity's sake, follow the link below, and send me an email detailing the images you would like to purchase. Please include the digits at the end of the photo title and the size you would like. Soon I will be installing my own shopping cart, but, in the interim, this seems to be the bets method.

Click here Pictures


It is important to note that, for those interested, other products are available than merely prints. Here at the studio, we have produced a DVD slideshow for Kent and Dina and designed a minature wedding book that are available for purchase. If you have any questions or are interested in our pricing, please contact me at:



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